Top 10 Best Reggae DJs in Kenya 2023

This blog post lists down the Top 10 Best Reggae DJs in Kenya 2023.

top 10 best reggae djs in kenya 2023

All of these DJs have an in-depth knowledge of reggae music, its sub-genres, and the history of reggae culture.

Also, these Djs have a passion for reggae music and have mad respect for the reggae culture.

Above all, these Djs know how to read the crowd and adapt to their playlist accordingly.

Most of the songs played by these Djs spread positive vibes and impactful messages through their sets.

In no particular order, these are 10 of the best Reggae DJs in Kenya 2023

1. DJ Kalonje

DJ Kalonje is a true King when it comes to Reggae mixes. His journey started back in 2007 when his mixes were very popular in buses and matatus

In case you want to sample some Dj Kalonje’s mixes, kindly visit his Youtube channel Deejay Kalonje. The channel is nothing but pure vibes.

Even though Dj Kalonje mixes other genres such as bongo and gengetone, DJ Kalonje has a deep understanding of Reggae music and the culture of people who listen to reggae music.

As of today, the DJ has bagged more than 10 awards.

DJ Kalonje Contacts

📞 +(254) 725 68 67 24

2. Dj Bunduki

Dj Bunduki is an amazing reggae and dancehall Dj.

His background knowledge of reggae music, its culture and history enables him to create authentic and well-curated sets.

One unique positive thing about Dj Bunduki is that he has a charismatic and confident stage presence.

The Dj can easily engage with the audience, and hype up the crowd.

Dj Bunduki Contacts

📞 +(254) 720 94 74 80

3. Kriss Darlin

Kriss Darlin is one of the best known Reggae Djs in Kenya.

His mixing skills are unmatched because he smoothly transitions between tracks, blends different reggae styles, and creates a seamless and enjoyable listening experience with ease.

Despite the fact that he was born in Kibera, Kriss Darlin beat all the odds to become the biggest reggae ambassador in Kenya. Currently, he is the team leader of Dohty Family Sounds.

Below is a table that shows the daily program line up for Dohty Family Sounds

Day of the WeekVenue
Monday1824 Club
TuesdayArt Club
WednesdayThe Vibe Tamasha
ThursdayK1 Klubhouse and Platinum 7D Lounge
FridayTreasure Gardens Restaurant
SaturdayFree Day
SundayCasavera Lounge

For bookings and inquiries, you can contact DJ Kriss Darling using the following Email

Kriss Darling Contacts


4. Dj Carlos

Dj Carlos is best known for his onedrop and miondoko mixes on Youtube.

His Youtube Channel Dj Carlos kenya has more than 50,000 subsrcibers and has amassed close to 6 million views.

One of the best things about Dj Carlos is that his songs carry a message of love, unity, social justice, and consciousness.

Asides from Reggae, Charles Miruri is also a sensational Miondoko DJ.

In case you are looking for a DJ who is able to surprise you with tracks that showcase the depth of reggae’s musical heritage, DJ Carlos should be at the top of your list!

DJ Carlos also has a DJ School at Kahawa Wendani, behind Magunas Supermarket.

Currently he has an offer where he charges KES 15,000 per student.

Normal rates are KES 23,000!

DJ Carlos Contacts

📞 +(254) 718 24 08 34

5. DJ Brownskin Fullu Fullu

Michael Macharia popularly known as Dj Brownskin is a sensational reggae Dj who is best known for his unique deejaying skills and mixes.

Dj Browskin is also well-known for creating authentic and well-curated sets.

One thing that sets DJ Brownskin asides from other reggae Deejays is his ability to coordinate his mixing skills with any MC.

His mixes with MC Gogo, MC Mido, MC Jose and Fabisch are simply exemplary.

For business inquiries and bookings, you can reach the Dj using the email below

DJ Brownskin Contacts


6. Selectress Jema

Selectress Jema is arguably the best female Reggae DJ in Kenya.

She is best known for her ability to create unique and diverse sets that showcases various sets of reggae music.

Asides from disc jockeying, Selectress Jema can also sing, She has a sweet voice!

In case you are looking for a female reggae Dj, Selectress Jema should be at the top of your list

Currently, the DJ is the CEO of Better Must Come (BMC) and she is a DJ at One Calling international.

For bookings and inquiries, you can DM her on Instagram handle below!

Selectress Jema Contacts

Selectress Jema

7. Dj Tsunami

Dj Tsunami is a top reggae Dj who knows how to control the crowd. His ability to create unique remixes and mashups of popular reggae songs makes him one of the most sort Djs in Nairobi.

Another good quality about DJ Tsunami is his ability to play song requests in his mixes strategically while performing in live sessions.

Lastly, Dj Tsunami is one of the best Kenyan Deejays because he is very good at paying attention to the audience’s reactions and energy levels.

Dj Tsunami Contacts

📞 +(254) 703 98 80 60

8. Richy Haniel

Richy Haniel is the biggest and most viewed Roots and Reggae Youtube Dj in Kenya.

This extraordinary Dj has a Youtube channel that has more than 1 million subscribers and close to 300 million views. Amazing, right?

Asides from uploading his mixes to Youtube, Richy Haniel also does gigs in clubs.

One of the main reasons why Richy Haniel is considered an exceptional reggae DJ is because he is very creative when it comes to utilizing DJ effects and tricks to add excitement and flair to his mixes.

Richy Haniel Contacts

📞 +(2540 722 51 03 85

📨 Rhexclusive01@Gmail.Com

9. Dj Moh Spice

Dj Moh Spice (Nicholas Mugo) is a Kenyan Reggae DJ who previously belonged to the Dohty Family Sounds.

The 36 years-old DJ owns MohSpice Entertainment.

One of the best things about Dj Moh Spice is that he knows how to maintain a positive and energetic vibe throughout his performance.

He is very good at keeping the crowd engaged and dancing.

Dj Moh Spice is also a sensational Dj because he knows how to engage with the audience by using the microphone to hype them up.

For bookings and inquiries, you can DM him on his Instagram handle below!

Dj Moh Spice Contacts

Dj Moh Spice

10 Dj Double Trouble

Dj Double Trouble is a Pro Dj based in Nairobi Kenya.

The Dj is best known for his good creativity when it comes to mixing and blending tracks.

Dj Trouble Trouble is also a Dj and a presenter for Ghetto Radio 89.5. He has a show every Friday and Saturday between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and 7:00 am to 11:00 am respectively.

Dj Double Trouble Contacts


How to Become a Dj in Kenya

Becoming a DJ in Kenya, like in any other place, requires a combination of passion, dedication, skill development, and networking.

Here are the steps you can follow to pursue a career as a DJ in Kenya:

  1. Develop a Genuine Passion for Music: A true DJ is passionate about music and enjoys exploring various genres. Start by listening to different styles of music, including local and international artists.
  2. Understand the DJing Craft: Learn about DJing and the various aspects of the craft, such as mixing, beatmatching, scratching, and using DJ equipment. There are many online tutorials, courses, and resources available to help you get started.
  3. Invest in DJ Equipment: Acquire the necessary DJ equipment, which typically includes a DJ controller, turntables, or a mixer. Start with basic equipment and upgrade as you gain experience.
  4. Practice Regularly: Practice is crucial for honing your DJing skills. Spend time mixing tracks, experimenting with different techniques, and refining your style.
  5. Learn from Experienced DJs: Attend DJ workshops, events, and performances to learn from experienced DJs. Networking with other DJs can provide valuable insights and opportunities.
  6. Build a Diverse Music Collection: Curate a diverse music collection that reflects your preferred genres and appeals to various audiences.
  7. Create a Unique Style: Develop a unique DJing style that sets you apart from others. Incorporate your personality and musical preferences into your sets.
  8. Promote Yourself: Create a DJ brand and promote yourself on social media platforms and other online channels. Share your mixes, engage with your audience, and showcase your DJing skills.
  9. Perform at Local Events: Start performing at local events, parties, or clubs. Offer your services for free initially to gain experience and exposure.
  10. Network in the Music Industry: Connect with event organizers, club owners, and other music professionals to increase your chances of getting more DJ gigs.
  11. Continuously Improve: Keep learning and growing as a DJ. Take feedback positively and always strive to improve your skills and performances.
  12. Stay Dedicated and Patient: Building a successful DJ career takes time and effort. Stay dedicated, be patient, and keep pushing yourself forward.

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