Top 10 Best Waterfalls in and Near Nairobi

This blog post identifies the Top 10 Best Waterfalls in and near Nairobi. All of these waterfalls are visually stunning and captivating, and are set in a natural environment that is well-preserved and harmonious with the waterfall.

top 10 best waterfalls in and near nairobi

In no particular order, these 10 of the Best Waterfalls to visit in and Near Nairobi.

1. Oloolua Nature Trail Waterfall

Asides from being one of the Top 10 Best Hiking Places in Nairobi and Charges, Oloolua Nature Trail is also home to the Oloolua Nature Trail Waterfall.

I believe this is one of the most serene, beautiful and therapeutic waterfall in Nairobi. To get to this spot, you have to trek a short distance into the Oloolua forest.

Below is a table showing the entrance fees to Oloolua Nature Trail Waterfall.

CategoryEntrance Fee/Entry Fee
Citizen AdultsKES 200
Citizen ChildrenKES 100
Resident AdultsKES 400
Resident ChildrenKES 200
Non-Resident AdultsKES 600
Non-Resident ChildrenKES 300

Oloolua Nature Trail Waterfall Address

Oloolua Forest, along Karen Road, Nairobi

Oloolua Nature Trail Phone Numbers

+(254) 716 25 67 71

2. Ruaka River Falls

Ruaka Falls can be found along Ruaka River in Karura Forest. There is a cycling trail that leads you there or you can walk. Ruaka River Falls is a good spot to visit especially during the weekends with your loved one.

The area sorrounding the falls has beautiful scenery and there is a restaurant nearby with nice food and waiters ready to serve. Ruaka River Falls is a hidden getaway to spend intimate time with your loved ones!

Ruaka River Falls Address

Along Ruaka River in Karura Forest

Ruaka River Falls Phone Numbers

+(254) 705 58 80 15

3. Tigoni Waterfalls

Tigoni Waterfalls in located in Tigoni, Limuru along Tigoni Road at Watefalls Inn. It is one of the best places to visit in Limuru. Asides from viewing the waterfalls, other activities one can engage in at this gem include;

  • Ride Horses and Explore the Caves
  • Picnicking
  • Camping
  • Hiking

Below is a table showing the entrance fees to Tigoni Waterfalls.

AdultsKES 500
ChildrenKES 300

4. Mashinani Waterfall

Mashinani Waterfall is one of the Top Ten Best Picnic Sites in Ruiru. It is a beautiful and tranquil place to visit and it is only ten-minutes away from Ruiru town. The falls are located on Ruiru River.

One of the best things about this waterfall is that entry is free and the atmosphere here is relaxing and therapeutic.

Another good thing about Mashinani Waterfall is that it has a very instragrammable background. You can take beautiful photos here.

5. Paradise Lost Waterfalls

Paradise Lost Waterfalls can be found in Paradise Lost. This gem is located about 13 Kilometres from the Central Business District of Nairobi. It is a fun place to visit since visitors get to explore the caves around the falls.

Asides from viewing Paradise Lost Waterfalls, other activities one can engage in include; boat-riding, archery, ziplning,and horseback riding.

Below is a table showing the entrance fees to Paradise Lost.

CategoryEntrance Fee
Citizen AdultsKES 500
Citizen ChildrenKES 300
Non-ResidentsUSD 10
Car EntranceKES 200

6. Chania Falls

Chania Falls can be found along Athi River (Ruiru at Blue Post Hotel, along Thika Road). It is one of the biggest and most viewed waterfalls in Kenya. Currently, Chania falls is among the Best Places to Visit in Ruiru.

Asides from viewing the falls, visitors can also view animals such as crocodiles, enjoy a picnic and boat riding. The best time to visit Chania Falls is during the raining

Below are tables showing the entrance fee charges for viewing Chania River.

Entrance Fee for Viewing Chania Falls from the Top

CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsKES 150
ChildrenKES 100

Entrance Fee for Viewing Chania Falls from the Bottom

CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsKES 400
ChildrenKES 200

Chania Falls Address

Along Athi River (Ruiru at Blue Post Hotel, along Thika Road)

Chania Falls Phone Numbers

+(254) 721 57 82 45

7. Gatura Greens Waterfall

Gatura Greens Waterfall in located in Gatura Greens Purple Tea Farm in Gatundu. This farm can be found off the Thika-Gaturu Road (C67) next to Kiganjo Primary School.

Generally, this is a good place to visit because you get a chance to swim and play with water at the base of the waterfall.

Other activities you can do here include; tea tasting, touring the purple tea farm, and enjoying a bonfire at night.

Below is a table showing the entry charges to the Gatura Greens Purple Tea Farm.

CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsKES 3,950
Children Under 12KES 2,000
Children Under 5Free

Gatura Greens Waterfall Address

Gatundu, off the Thika-Gaturu Road (C67) next to Kiganjo Primary School.

Gatura Greens Waterfall Phone Numbers

+(254) 703 98 87 95

8. Thirika Falls

Thirika Falls can be found just before Gatundu town. To get here, you can either use the Gatudu direct route or use the Kenyatta Road Route.

Approximately, these falls plunge at a height of 20 metres. There are no charges to access this hidden gem.

Point to Note: Thirika Falls has a cold freeze and it is not worth swimming at the pool below it. The falls are however a good photoshoot location.

Thirika Falls Address

Before Gatundu town.

9. Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls can be found along Athi River at the border of Kiambu and Machakos Counties. The distance between the Central Business District of Nairobi and the Falls is only 65 Kilometres.

Fourteen Falls is one of the Best Places to Visit in Thika because it is visually appealing and unique. Imagine a total of 14 falls on one river. Awesome, right?

Other Popular activities one can engage in at the falls include boat riding, hiking, taking photographs and picknicking.

CitizensKES 100
Non CitizensUSD 15

Fourteen Falls Address

Thika, Kilimambogo (close to Makongeni)

Fourteen Falls Phone Numbers

+(254) 713 333909

10. Kibathithi Waterfalls

Kibathithi Waterfalls can be found in Githunguri. It is an incredible waterfall with immense beauty. It is a good place to go for a quick picnic or tour with your friends and family members because it is located in a beautiful scenery and quiet neighbourhood.

Another good thing about Kibathithi Waterfalls is that there are no charges or entrance fees to access this site.

Kibathithi Waterfalls Address


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