Top 10 Clubs in Ruaka

This blog post identifies The Top 10 Clubs in Ruaka. All of these clubs have an inviting atmosphere, a vibrant crowd and have a well-curated drinks menu.

clubs in ruaka

Above all, these clubs hire talented DJs to play good music and keep revellers entertained through out the night.

Let’s jump right into the list, these are the Top 10 Best Clubs in Ruaka Town.

1. Bar 69

Bar 69 is located along the Northern Bypass next to Isuzu TMD and Two Rivers Mall. It is the ultimate place to chill and enjoy drinks with your friends because the drinks are very affordable and it is conveniently located.

Bar 69 is also one of the best clubs in Ruaka to party because it has themed nights including Friday Frenzy, Saturday Sauce and Karaoke Nights.

In case you are looking for a night spot that is all about dundaing and keeping the lit vibes on repeat, you should visit this club.

Location: Along the Northern Bypass next to Isuzu TMD and Two Rivers Mall.

Phone Numbers: +(254) 721 22 69 19

2. Anzana Gardens

Anzana Gardens is a nice and affordable place to have drinks. It is located opposite Two Rivers Mall along the Northern Bypass.

Anzana Gardens is an amazing spot because it is chill and the customer service offered by the staff members is at its best. The waiters are very quick with their feet and hands and the average time it takes to be served is less than 5 minutes.

If by any chance you are looking for a garden bar that has an onsite restaurant, car wash and regularly holds events, this is the club to look for in Ruaka.

Location: Opposite Two Rivers Mall along the Northern Bypass.

Phone Numbers: +(254) 719 77 77 64

3. Fiesta Club

Fiesta Club is an outdoor seating club that has an onsite restaurant and accomodation. It is an amazing place where you can relax and have fun with your friends. It is located along the Northern Bypass, close to Two Rivers.

One of the most outstanding things about this joint is that it has quality sound sorround system making the music very enjoyable.

The counter is also stocked with a wide variety of drinks and this provides revellers with a chance to choose whatever they want to drink.

Location: Along the Northern Bypass, close to Two Rivers.


4. LaCascada Sports Bar

LaCascada Sports Bar is an outdoor and cocktail bar that is located along Ruaka Road. It is a good club in Ruaka because it has a welcoming and comfortable environment that keeps revellers coming back weekend after weekend. This spot is just vibes on vibes.

Another good thing about LaCascada Sports Bar is that it has attentive bartenders and servers who create a positive interaction with customers.

Lastly, the big screens mounted on the walls of LaCascada Sports Bar enhance the drinking experience especially during the weekends when EPL matches are being played.

Location: Along Ruaka Road.

Phone Numbers: +(254) 705 58 80 15

5. Big 5 Lounge

Big 5 Lounge is located along the Northern Bypass near TwoRivers, the entry road is directly opposite Isuzu dealers. It offers the best dinning and winning service to both walk-in clients & Hotel residents.

One good thing about the Big 5 Lounge is that it offers several experiences in one place. The Big 5 Lounge has a VIP Section, a restaurant, a Kids corner, a spa and a carwash and offers accommodation. Amazing, right?

Location: Along the Northern Bypass near TwoRivers

Phone Numbers: +(254) 702 34 96 55

6. Club Decimo

Club Decimo is a live music and karaoke club that is located along Limuru Road just ahead of Joyland The club has the appropriate lighting and appealing decor that makes it outstanding when compared to the other clubs in Ruaka.

Club Decimo is among the best clubs in Ruaka because it has skilled bartenders who craft good cocktails and possess a charismatic and engaging personality that enhances the overall atmosphere of the bar.

Another good thing about Club Decimo is that it often operates till late into the night, attracting a night owl clientele.

Location: Along Limuru Road

Phone Numbers: +(254) 702 50 59 03

7. Queens Bar Restaurant

Queens Bar Restaurant is a well stocked bar that is located along Banana Raini Road. It is best known for its good background music and serene atmosphere.

In case you are looking for a drinking spot that is a true man cave (very few ladies in attendance) this is the spot. The drinks at Queens bar restaurant are very affordable and the customer service is very very very good.

Location: Along Banana Raini Road

Phone Numbers: +(254) 61 8699513

8. Club G 9

Club G 9 is a new but amazing night spot located along Ruaka Road close to Supercare Apartments. It is best known for its epic Mugithi nights and frequently organized pool tournaments. The registration fee for these tournaments is always KES 1,000.

Generally Club G 9 is a recommendable spot because it serves craft beer at affordable prices. For KES 120, you can be able to enjoy a 500 ml cup of Sirville Craft Beer. Tusker on tap goes for KES 200 for a 500 ml cup.

Location: Along Ruaka Road close to Supercare Apartments

Phone Numbers: +(254) 726 02 86 12

9. Epic Hideout

Epic Hideout is a local new club in Ruaka. It is chilled small but nice place to hang out with friends and colleagues after work. It is located in Kanka Steel And Hardware.

The vibes at this joint are always lit and the crowd is very vibrant. In case you are looking for a new, trendy and lively place to enjoy drinks in Ruaka town, Epic Hideout should be on your bucketlist.

Location: Kanka Steel And Hardware

Phone Numbers: +(254) 701 01 81 81

10. Stepperz Lounge

Stepperz Lounge is one of the most popular night spots in Ruaka town. It has a well-stocked bar with a variety of beer ranging from Tusker, Balozi, Pilsner and Guiness just to name a few.

The club is frequently visited by a very mature crowd but the Dj always ensures that every one is dancing no matter their age!

Stepperz Lounge also has an onsite restaurant with a rich menu.

Phone Numbers: +(254) 724 64 03 33

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