Top 10 Fun Places along Thika Road

Here is a list of the Top 10 Fun Places along Thika Road. All of these places feature breathtaking natural beauty, and offer opportunities for couples, friends and family members to engage in activities together.

top 10 fun places along thika road

Also, these places have a lively and enjoyable atmosphere that offers a wide range of entertaining activities and experiences.

In no particular order, here is a list of the Top 10 Fun Places along Thika Road.

1. Fun World

Fun World is an amusement park that is located in Juja City Mall along Thika Road just before Juja town. Currently, this spot has a Google Rating of 4.3 Stars after more than 100 Google Reviews.

In case you are looking for a fun place where your children can recharge and have fun, Fun World Juja City Mall should be on your bucketlist. Some of the games you can access at this amusement park include

The charges for playing a single game is KES 300 per head.

Fun World Juja City Mall is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Fun World Address

Juja City Mall along Thika Road just before Juja

Fun World Phone Numbers

+(254) 728 06 97 62

2. Vipe Fun Park Ruiru

Vipe Fun Park is located in Gwa Kairu opposite Kenyatta University Ruiru Campus. It is an amusement park that offers several games such as riding the merry go round, riding a train, trampoline, and mountain climbing.

One of the best things about Vipe Fun Park is that all these activities can be accessed at a fee of KES 1,000. Swimming costs an extra KES 200.

Point to Note: The charges for school groups is KES 850 per head as along the total number of students is above 30. At the end of the day each student is also given Chips, Soda and Sausage for free. Awesome, right?

Vipe Fun Park Ruiru Address

Opposite Kenyatta University Ruiru Campus.

Vipe Fun Park Ruiru Phone Numbers

+(254) 723 82 18 33

3. Quiver Lounge

Quiver Lounge is the most famous and frequently visited night spot along Thika Road. It is also among 10 of The Best Clubs along Thika Road

One of the best things about Quiver Lounge is that the crowd is always mature and lively. In case you are in the mood to drink some booze, have fun and dance the night away with your friends or colleagues, Quiver Lounge should be your one stop.

Other possible night spots to try include Loft (Behind Mountain Mall), Sky Park Lounge (Next to Quiver Lounge and Paris Lounge (Roysambu)

Quiver Lounge Contacts

+(254) 794 75 91 75

4. Go for a Picnic at Tropical Gardens

Tropical Gardens is the best place to go for a picnic along Thika Road. It is located at Toll Station just after Kimbo. One of the best things about this picnic site is that it overlooks a dam and this breathtaking view enhances the picknicking experience.

Another good thing about Tropical Gardens is that it is covered with lush green grass and gazebos that stretch into the dam. Check out Tropical Gardens Ruiru Charges.

Tropical Gardens Address

Tropical Gardens is located in Toll Station just after Kimbo.

Tropical Gardens Phone Numbers

+(254) 701 59 49 50

5. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular activities along Thika Road. As of today, Thika Road has the most number of swimming pools than any other road in Nairobi.

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Generally, swimming is a fun activity because water games like water polo, water volleyball, and diving can make swimming even more fun and competitive.

Also, swimming is fun because being in the water provides a refreshing and cooling feeling, especially on a hot day, which can be incredibly enjoyable.

6. Eat Nyama Choma at Kamakis Palace

Kamakis Bypass Nyama Choma is the best in Nairobi. People travel from as far as Mombasa and Ngong Road just to eat nyama choma at Kamakis.

One of the main reasons why people love Kamakis is because the Nyama Choma served here is tender, flavorful, and succulent. In case you have never been to Kamakis, you do not know what you are missing out.

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Kamakis Palace Address

Off Thika Road, along Eastern Bypass

7. Visit the Malls

Thika Road is home to several malls including Garden City Mall, Thika Road Mall, Spur Mall, Unicity Mall, Mountain Mall and Juja City Mall.

If you live to visit malls, make new friends, shop or try out new restaurants, clubs or stores, Thika Road is a good place to try. 6 malls in one road? this is amazing.

8. Watch a Movie at Century Cinemax

Garden City is home to Century Cinemax which has a Google Rating of 4.6 Stars after more than 8,000 Google Reviews.

One of the best things about this cinema is that it has a state-of-the-art projection and sound systems to provide a clear, immersive, and high-quality viewing experience.

The seats are also comfortable and well-maintained to ensure viewers enjoy the film without discomfort or distraction

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9. Chania Falls

Chania Falls can be found at Blue Post Hotel, off Thika Road. It is one of the most Beautiful Waterfalls in Kenya.

Generally, Chania Falls is a fun place to visit because you will be able to engage in other activities such as picnicking, boat riding, taking photographs and viewing animals such as crocodiles.

Chania Falls is a very affordable place to visit. The place is less crowded during the weekdays and the best time to visit Chania Falls is during the rainy season.

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Chania Falls Address

On Athi River, in Blue Post Hotel, Near Thika Town, off Thika Super Highway.

Chania Falls Phone Numbers

+(254) 721 57 82 45

10. Roasters Inn

Roasters Inn is a new entertainment joint that is located at Roasters. Generally, this is a fun place to visit because visitors can watch live games, enjoy some nyama choma and drinks at a very affordable price.

Roasters Inn also hires live bands on weekeneds to play soft and soothing background music to entertain the guests as they feast and drink.

Currently, Roasters Inn has a Google Rating of 4.1 Stars after more than 2,500 Google Reviews.

Roasters Inn Address

Roasters, along Garden Estate Road, off Thika Road.

Roasters Inn Phone Numbers

+(254) 712 75 57 55

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