Top 10 Fun Places to Visit in Kitui

This blog post identifies Top 10 Fun Places to Visit in Kitui during your holiday or tour!

Places to Visit in Kitui

Kitui Town is the administrative and commercial center of Kitui County in Kenya.

It is located in the Eastern part of the country, approximately 160 kilometers (99 miles) east of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

1. View and Hike Nzambani Rock

 Places to Visit in Kitui

Locally known as ‘Ivia ya Nzambani’ Nzambani Rock is a massive rock formation that stands out in the landscape and is known for its unique shape and geological features.

It is situated near the Nzambani Market along the Kitui-Mutitu Road,

Nzambani Rock is a popular tourist attraction and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. It is often visited by hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts who enjoy exploring its rugged terrain and admiring the scenic beauty from the top.

The rock is also of cultural and spiritual significance to the local community, with various legends and stories associated with it.

If you plan to visit Nzambani Rock, it’s advisable to go with a guide who is familiar with the area and can ensure your safety.

Additionally, make sure to carry proper hiking gear, water, and sunscreen, as the climb can be physically demanding, especially during hot weather.

Below is a table showing the charges for accessing and hiking Nzambani Rock.

Local AdultsKES 1,000
Local ChildrenKES 500
Foreign AdultsKES 200
Foreign ChildrenKES 100

2. Mwingi National Reserve

Formerly known as Kitui National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve is one of the three reserves that form the Mount Conservation Area (MCA).

The reserve covers a total area of 745 Square Kilometers and it is best known for the George Adamsons Picnic site (located next to the Adamson’s Bridge)

Mwingi National Reserve is a good spot to go for photoshoots, fishing, game drives, camping and picnics. The Reserve is open every day.

Mwingi National Reserve Contacts

+(254) 20 232 1696

3. Explore River Tana

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The River Tana is the longest river in Kenya, flowing approximately 1,014 kilometers (630 miles) from its source on the slopes of Mount Kenya to the Indian Ocean. It plays a significant role in the country’s geography, ecology, and economy.

Here are some other Key Facts about River Tana.

The River Tana is a significant river located in Kenya, East Africa. Here are some key facts about the River Tana:

  1. Source: The river originates from the Aberdare Range, also known as the Nyandarua Mountains, located in central Kenya.
  2. Flow: The Tana River flows in a north-easterly direction, passing through various landscapes, including the highlands, plateaus, and lowlands, before finally reaching the Indian Ocean.
  3. Importance: The river plays a crucial role in Kenya’s water supply, serving as a primary source of water for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and domestic use.
  4. Hydroelectric Power: The Tana River is home to several dams and hydroelectric power stations, including the Seven Forks Dams, Kindaruma Dam, and Masinga Dam. These power stations contribute significantly to Kenya’s electricity production.
  5. Tana River Delta: Near its mouth, the Tana River forms a vast delta known as the Tana River Delta. This delta is a significant ecological area and supports diverse wildlife, including bird species, hippos, crocodiles, and various fish species.
  6. Wildlife and Conservation: The Tana River basin is recognized as an important biodiversity hotspot, hosting several protected areas and wildlife reserves, such as the Tana River Primate Reserve and Meru National Park. It provides habitat for various animal species, including elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and numerous bird species.
  7. Economic Significance: The river supports the agricultural sector in Kenya by providing water for irrigation, particularly in the lower Tana River Basin. Farmers rely on the river’s water to cultivate crops such as rice, maize, and various fruits.
  8. Cultural Importance: The Tana River holds cultural significance for the communities living along its banks, including the Pokomo, Orma, and Wardei peoples. The river is embedded in their traditions, religious practices, and livelihoods.

In case you are in Kitui town, grab this opportunity to visit the mightiest river in Kenya, Tana River!

4. Mutito Hills

Mutito Hills is one of the leading hiking and birdwatching destinations in Kitui. The hills are located in Mutito Hills and are home to over 100 species of birds.

The hills are also home to a hidden gem, ‘Nzau’ a dam located deep in the Mutito forest. The name ‘Nzau’ is a Kikamba name which means hunger.

5. Ikoo Valley

Places to Visit in Kitui

Ikoo Valley is located in Mwingi West Sub County, 30 kilometers from Kitui town, and 20 kilometers from Mwingi town.

The valley is an ideal location for birdwatching and sighseeing. The best point to view Ikoo Valley is Kaluu Rock View site.

The Ikoo valley is also a good spot to hike, take photos and enjoy a picnic.

6. Kalundu Dam Eco Park

Places to Visit in Kitui

Kalundu Dam is a man-made dam located in Kalundu Eco Park, Kitui Town. It is home to the first dry land beach in Kenya.

Ever since it was launched in 2020, Kalundu Dam Eco Park has become one of the most toured spots in Kitui town.

Upon full completion, Kalundu Dam Eco Park will be a good spot for riding boats, jet skiing, basking the sun and kayaking.

7. Kanyonyoo Wildlife Conservancy

Kanyonyoo Wildlife Conservancy is located 45 kilometers from Kitui town. It covers an area of 231 square kilometers.

The conservancy was established to ensure that wildlife such as Zebra, Buffaloes, Giraffes and Antelopes co-exist with human beings and their livestock.

While Visiting the Kanyonyoo Wildlife Conservancy, some of the best places to stay include Thatha Hills Resort, and Kitui Premier Resort.

8. Mutomo Hill Plant Sanctuary

Covering an area of 10 hectares, Mutomo Hill Plant Sanctuary is home to over 100 indigenous plants and trees that have medicinal value to human beings.

One of the best things about visiting this spot is that you can be able to relax, and enjoy fresh air as you picnic or watch birds fly from one tree to another.

Other fun activities you can engage in at Mutomo Hill Plant Sanctuary include going for nature walks and camping.

9. Ngomeni Rock

Places to Visit in Kitui

Ngomeni Rock is a notable geological formation located in Kenya, specifically in the Mutito Hills region of Kitui County. It is a large rock outcrop that has gained prominence as a tourist attraction and a cultural site in the area.

Ngomeni Rock is known for its impressive size and unique appearance. It stands tall amidst the surrounding landscape and offers panoramic views of the surrounding Mutito Hills. The rock is composed of ancient sedimentary rocks, and its weathered surface creates interesting patterns and textures.

The rock has cultural significance for the local communities, who consider it a sacred site. It is believed to have spiritual and healing properties. The rock serves as a place for ceremonies, rituals, and prayers, particularly by the Kamba people who live in the region.

Visitors to Ngomeni Rock can hike to its summit to enjoy the scenic views and explore the rock’s features. The area around the rock also offers opportunities for nature walks and bird watching, as the Mutito Hills are home to diverse flora and fauna.

10. South Kitui National Reserve

Places to Visit in Kitui

South Kitui National Reserve was first established in the year 1979. It covers an area of 1,833 square kilometers.

It is well known for its diverse range of animals including Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Lesser Kudu and Giraffes.

Other animals that can be found in South Kitui National Reserve include Dik-Dik,  Waterbuck, Gemsbok and Black Rhinos.

When it comes to activities, South Kitui National Reserve is a good place to go for a bike ride, game drive, camp and/or hike.

Places to Visit in Kitui

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