Top 10 Romantic Places in Nakuru

This blog post identifies the Top 10 Romantic Places in Nakuru. All of these places are located in a beautiful setting, have a romantic atmosphere and provide an environment whereby couples can be able to feel comfortable and express themselves.

top 10 romantic and cheap places in nakuru

Also, these places set the mood for love and intimacy and it allows couples to feel more connected and special. Without further ado, here is a list of 10 of the most romantic and affordable places in Nakuru.

1. Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge

Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge is arguably one of the most beautiful and romantic places to stay in Nakuru. It is located at Kasambara in Elementeita. Currently, this hidden gem has a Google Rating of 4.4 Stars after more than 400 Google Reviews.

One of the best things about Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge is that it has an infinity swimming pool overlooking Lake Elementaita. Other fascinating ammenities about this spot are a beautiful garden, a spa, outdoor dining and a terrace.

The average charges per night at Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge is KES 17,000. During the holidays, the prices might spike a little bit.

Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge Address

Kasambara, Elementeita in Soysambu

Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge Phone Numbers

+(254) 727 83 28 24

2. Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hill

Sleeping Warrior and Ugali hill can be found in Gilgil. In case you are looking for an outdoor romantic place to visit in Nakuru I highly recommend hiking one or both of these hills.

Upon summiting, you can have a picnic with your loved one while enjoying the views from above. The entrance fee to Sleeping Warrior and Ugali hills is KES 250. For safety purposes, it is best to hike and picnic in the company of armed rangers an tour guides.

The elevation of Sleeping Warrior and Ugali hill is 2,110 metres and 2300 metres respectively.

3. Waterbuck Hotel

Waterbuck Hotel is a 3 star chic and exquisite place to go for a date night. The hotel is located behind Westside Mall along West Road.

The best day to go for a date night at Waterbuck Hotel is during the Jazz Nights when Noah Saha entertains the guests and creates a romantic atmosphere by playing world and local hits using a saxophone.

During the Jazz night, happy hour for selected cocktails starts from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Waterbuck Hotel Address

Along West Road behind Westside Mall

Waterbuck Hotel Phone Numbers

+(254) 720 57 66 11

4. Cruise Lake Nakuru

Very few people know that it is possible to cruise Lake Nakuru. I discovered this was possible a while back on my visit to Nakuru.

The charges for cruising Lake Nakuru is KES 8,000 per person for about 2.5 to 3 hours. The cruise includes breakfast and a champagne.

Crusing Lake Nakuru is a very romantic activity because you get to view the beautiful landscapes of Lake Nakuru Naitonal Park and the Lake itself.

Cruises also offer a more intimate setting compared to other forms of travel because there is limited space and couples get to spend quality time together without the distractions of daily life.

For cruise tours, kindly contact The Cliff Boat Safaris.

The Cliff Boat Safaris Address

Lake Nakuru National Park

The Cliff Boat Safaris Phone Numbers

 +(254) 720 60 06 02

5. Lily Pond Campsite

Camping is one of the most thrilling and romantic activities couples can ever do. The peaceful setting of nature can help couples relax and connect on a deeper level.

Lily Pond Campsite is located in Elementaita. It is a serene, relaxing and affordable place to spend a night with your loved one.

At night you get enjoy bonfires while sharing stories and glare at the stars. In case you are looking for a romantic place located in a natural environment, Lily Pond Campsite has to be on your bucketlist.

Lily Pond Campsite Address


Lily Pond Campsite Phone Numbers

+(254) 722 62 15 80

6. The Cliff

The Cliff can be found inside the Lake Nakuru National Park. It is perched on a rock that sits 100 metres above the ground and it overlooks Lake Nakuru. Currently, this gem has a Google Rating of 4.8 Stars after more than 270 Google Reviews.

The Cliff is a very romantic spot because it offers privacy and seclusion to couples. It is a 10 room luxury camp that serves the best views of the sunrise in Nakuru from the comfort of your bed.

I highly advise you to to spend a night or two here.

The Cliff Address

Inside the Lake Nakuru National Park

The Cliff Phone Numbers

+(254) 748 81 30 06

7. The Croft

The Croft is an amazing and romantic place where you can stay with your loved one for a few days and nights. It is located along the Nakuru-Njoro Road inside Ziwa Bush Lodge.

One of the best things about The Croft is that it has a swimming pool, a private bar, a bathtub, and it is fully furnished with modern furnitures and electronic gadgets.

The Croft is also a very secure place for accomodation because the perimeter wall is fenced using an electric fence.

The charges a night at this spot is KES 12,000 during weekdays and KES 15,500 during the weekends.

In case the Croft is fully booked, you can try the Shed. Both The Croft and The Shed are run by the same management.

The Croft Address

Along the Nakuru-Njoro Road inside Ziwa Bush Lodge.

The Croft Phone Numbers

+(254) 796 51 16 99

8. Makalia Waterfalls

Makalia Waterfalls can be found in the heart of Lake Nakuru National Park. The falls can be found along River Makalia and have a background that is very instragrammable.

Asides from viewing the falls, couples can extend their romantic expedition by camping at Makalia Campsite which is just next to the falls.

Visiting Makalia falls is a good idea because the sight of water cascading over rocks creates a picturesque and enchanting setting that most people find charming and romantic.

Point to Note: River Makalia is seasonal. The best time to view Makalia falls is during the rainy season.

9. Lake Elementaita Pebbles

Lake Elementaita Pebbles is located in Gilgil about 7 Kilometres from Lake Elementaita. It is an accomodation spot that offers a romantic experience.

Lake Elementaita Pebbles is located in a scenic place that serves visitors with a view of Sleeping Warrior and Ugali hills.

Asides from a spa and wellness centre, Lake Elementaita Pebbles is worth the stay because it has an outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful garden.

Lake Elementaita Pebbles Address

Gilgil about 7 Kilometres from Lake Elementaita

Lake Elementaita Pebbles Phone Numbers

+(254) 735 55 66 43

10. Crescent Island

Crescent Island can be found in Lake Naivasha. It is a privately owned island that covers an area of about 189 acres.

Some of the best activities you can engage with your loved one in this island include viewing animals such as Giraffes, Zebras, Antelopes, Vervet Monkeys and Hippos, picnicking, boat riding and taking photographs.

Point to Note: Crescent Island has Airbnbs that offer a level of seclusion and privacy that can be conducive to romantic experiences.

Below are tables showing the entrance charges to Crescent Island.


CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsKES 800
ChildrenKES 400
Primary StudentsKES 250
Secondary StudentsKES 350
University StudentsKES 400
TeacherKES 450


CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsKES 1100
ChildrenKES 550

Non – Residents

CategoryEntrance Fee
AdultsUSD 33
StudentsUSD 22
ChildrenUSD 16

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary Location

In Lake Naivasha, adjacent to Lotus Island, Naivasha, Nakuru County, Kenya

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary Contacts

+(254) 759 63 64 68

Bonus Romantic Places

  • Go for a coffee date at Origin Coffee located at Golden Life Mall.
  • Have a lunch date at Rozina’s Restaurant located at Westside Mall.
  • Picnic at Lord Egerton’s Castle.
  • Enjoy 5 star accomodation at Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge.
  • Ride a double-bike with your loved at Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha.

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