Top Ten Best and Hottest Female Djs in Kenya 2023

This blog post identifies the Top Ten Best and Hottest Female Djs in Kenya.

top ten hottest and best female djs in kenya

All of these Djs have a deep understanding about of various musical genres, styles, and trends.

Above all, these Djs are creative. They have the ability to craft unique and memorable mixes, mashups, and remixes.

In no particular order, these are 10 of the Best and Hottest Female Djs in Kenya.

1. Dj Pierra Makena

Born in Meru in the year 1981, Dj Pierra Makena is one of the most sensational female Djs in Kenya.

Her ability to incorporate unexpected mashups, and remixes makes her one of the most sought and highest paid Djs in Kenya.

Asides from deejaying, Dj Pierra Makena is also a good actress.

She has starred in several local productions including Tahidi High, Kisulisuli, Changes and Tausi.

Dj Pierra Makena’s Contacts


2. Dj Lisney

Dj Lisney is best known for her Bongo, Amapiano and Afrobeats mixes.

One thing that sets Dj Lisney apart from other Djs is her ability to create a good connection with her audience.

The Dj knows how to interact with her audience and hype them up!

For the latest mixes by Dj Lisney, you can visit her Youtube Channel at Dj Lisney

Asides from deejaying and running a Youtube channel, Dj Lisney is also a TV host and director at Elite Sound.

To get the latest mixes and mashups by Dj Lisney, click this link M-XCloud

Dj Lisney’s Contacts


3. Dj Malaika

Asides from being beautiful, Dj Malaika is a pro international Dj.

One of the best things about Dj Malaika is her genuine love for music and a passion for sharing it with others.

The Dj is always up to date with the latest hits and trends.

For updated music playlists, subscribe to her Youtube Channel Dj Malaika and make sure you hit the notifications bell!

Dj Malaika’s Contacts


4. Dj Selectress Jema

Dj Selectress Jema is arguably the best female Reggae Dj in Kenya.

Her ability to select riddims that resonate with the audience and capture the essence of reggae’s laid-back groove makes her the Creme de la Creme.

In case you want to enjoy some of her electrifying live performances, you can follow her updates at Selectress Jema

Asides from deejaying, Selectress Jema is also the CEO of Better Must Come.

Selectress Jema’s Contacts

Selectress Jema

5. Dj Dii

Officially know as Khadija Lee, Dj Dii is one of the best female Djs in Kenya when it comes to using effects, delays, and echoes.

Her style of using these dubbing techniques enables her to transform tracks, and create unique blends.

Another quality that sets Dj Dii apart is her abiity to ability to control and manipulate sound in real-time.

Apart from deejaying, Dj Dii is also a TV Host at Afrovibz on KBC Channel

Dj Dii’s Contacts

Dj Dii

6. Dj Redbone

Dj Redbone is an award winning HomeBoyz Radio Dj.

Over the years, Dj Redbone has been very resilient and persistent despite the huge competition in the entertainment industry.

In case you are looking for a female Dj who can gauge the crowd’s preferences, adapt their playlist on the fly, and choose tracks that keep people dancing and engaged, Dj Dii should be at the top of your list.

To stream her latest mixes and playlists visit her spotify page at Dj Redbone

Dj Redbone Contacts


7. Dj Tabz

Dj Tabz is a gospel DJ, VDJ and TV host on the Backyard Live.

One of the best things about Dj Tabz is that she pays a lot of attention to track selection and timing, and this makes the overall flow of the set simply amazing.

Another quality Dj Tabz possesses is her amazing dancing skills which she uses to hype the crowd as she plays music!

Professionally, Dj Tabz is a lawyer

For inquiries and bookings, you can contact Dj Tabz via the E-mail below.

Dj Tabz’s Contacts


8. Dj Aisher

Dj Aisher is one of the most successful Female Djs in Kenya.

Recently, the Dj to relocated to Germany and after a few months, she is now one of the most sought after Afrobeat Dj in Europe!

Currently her nicknames are The German Machine, The Turntable Goddess, Simba Luo Manyako or The Rising morning Star.

One skill that has made Dj Aisher unstoppable and the best of the best is her abiity to create a consistent and captivating flow!

The Dj can keep you dancing and vibing to her mixes from night till dawn!

To get her latest releases, you can visit her YouTube channel @ Dj Aisher

Dj Aisher’s Contacts


9. Dj Becky 254

Dj Becky 254 is upcoming Dj who has proven that her future as a Dj is bright.

The former award winning vixen is very good at remixing tracks using dub techniques, dropping in vocals, effects, and instrumentals to create unique versions of songs.

She is also very good at dancing and hyping the crowd using her long dreadlocks and latest dancing styles.

For inquiries and bookings, you can send a direct message to her Instagram account.

10. Dj Shaniz

Dj Shaniz is a competitive Reggae Dj who is best known for her thorough understanding of Reggae music, its history, subgenres, and key artists.

Another good quality about Ebony Selekta is her ability to incorporate toasting, chatting, and vocal interactions with the audience into their performances

Her playlist and perfomances are nothing but amazing.

Dj Shaniz’s Contacts


How to Become a DJ in Kenya

Becoming a DJ in Kenya, like anywhere else, requires a combination of passion, skills, networking, and dedication.

Here’s a general guide on how to become a DJ in Kenya:

  1. Develop Your Interest and Passion:
    Begin by having a genuine interest and passion for music and DJing. Understand different genres, styles, and trends to build a strong foundation.
  2. Learn the Basics:
    Familiarize yourself with the basics of DJing, including understanding equipment (such as mixers, controllers, and turntables), beatmatching, mixing techniques, and effects. You can find tutorials online or consider enrolling in a DJing course if available.
  3. Acquire Equipment and Software:
    Invest in the necessary DJ equipment. This might include a controller, headphones, and music software. Start with basic equipment and upgrade as you gain experience.
  4. Practice Regularly:
    Practice is crucial. Spend time honing your skills by mixing tracks, experimenting with different techniques, and perfecting your transitions.
  5. Build a Music Collection:
    Build a diverse collection of music spanning various genres. This will give you the flexibility to cater to different audiences.
  6. Understand Crowd Engagement:
    DJing is not just about playing music; it’s about understanding the crowd and creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Learn how to read the audience and adapt your music accordingly.
  7. Create a Brand:
    Develop a unique DJ name and brand that represents your style. Create social media profiles to showcase your mixes, share insights, and connect with potential fans and clients.
  8. Networking:
    Attend music events, parties, and clubs to network with fellow DJs, event organizers, and music enthusiasts. Networking can open up opportunities for gigs and collaborations.
  9. Promote Yourself:
    Share your mixes online through platforms like SoundCloud or Mixcloud. Consider creating a professional website or a portfolio showcasing your work, experience, and contact information.
  10. Seek Gigs:
    Start by DJing at local events, parties, and gatherings. This will help you gain experience and exposure. As you build your reputation, you can progress to larger events and club gigs.
  11. Stay Updated:
    Keep up with music trends and new technologies in DJing. Attend workshops, seminars, and events to learn from experienced DJs and industry professionals.
  12. Persistence and Growth:
    Becoming a successful DJ takes time. Be persistent, learn from your experiences, and continue refining your skills.
  13. Legal Considerations:
    Ensure that you have the necessary licenses and permissions to play copyrighted music in public settings. Familiarize yourself with copyright laws and music licensing in Kenya.

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