Top Ten Best Night Clubs in Mombasa 2023

Best Night Clubs in Mombasa 2023

This blog post lists the Top Ten Best Night Clubs in Mombasa.

Each of these clubs has a spacious dance floor, hires skilled DJs and live performers to keep the crowd entertained and has an atmosphere that is energetic, inviting, and conducive to dancing, socializing, and having a great time.

In no particular order, these are the Top Ten Best Clubs in Mombasa.

1. Zero 01 Lounge

Zero 01 Lounge is a rooftop club located on top City Mall, Nyali, Mombasa.

The joint is very popular due to its diverse crowd. Every weekend Zero 01 Lounge is full of people from divere backgrounds cultures, and ethnicities. This promotes cultural exchange and provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from one another, share experiences, and gain new perspectives.

In case you are looking to interact, socialize and broaden your networds with people from diverse backgrounds, Zero 01 Lounge is a good place to start.

Zero 01 Lounge Contacts

+(254) 725 94 44 00

2. Club Hypnotica

Club Hypnotica is a takeaway and dine-in club located in Nyali Center opposite Stanbic Bank.

Club Hypnotica has a high-quality sound system that delivers crystal-clear sound and powerful bass.

The music played by the DJs caters to different tastes and creates a dynamic and exciting atmosphere.

In case you are looking for night club that has an energetic atmosphere and a mature crowd, Club Hypnotica should be your first stop.

Club Hypnotica Contacts

+(254) 709 22 21 74

3. Signature Club Mombasa

Signature Club is a state of the art night club located along Moi Avenue in Mombasa.

Currently, it is the best club in Mombasa CBD that plays Great, Slow Rhumba music. Signature Club also has big screens that allows sport fanatics to watch their favorite games live.

If you are looking for a spot to enjoy music by top rhumba artists such as Musa Juma, Tabu Ley Rochereau, and Mose Se Sengo, Signature Club has got you covered!

Signature Club Mombasa Contacts

+(254) 796 34 89 22

4. Moonshine Beach Bar

Moonshine Beach Bar is located along Mount Kenya Road in the Reef Hotel Mombasa.

The club is located right on the beach and it has a great selection of drinks and really nice cocktails at reasonable and unbeatable prices.

Mooshine Beach Bar is a hidden gem because very few local know it exists.

In case you are looking forward to enjoying your drink as you watch the sun set and the tides rise, consider visiting Moonshine Beach Bar.

Moonshine Beach Bar Contacts

+(254) 720 86 64 99

5. Mint Lounge

“Great music. Polite service crew. Affordable beers and bitings. Amazing and friendly crowd” These are all the nice words that can define Mint Lounge.

Another great quality about Mint Lounge is that the staff, including bouncers, bartenders, waitstaff, and management are all friendly, approachable, and professional.

Mint Lounge is located in Bamburi, Mombasa next to Petrocity Gas Station.

Mint Lounge Contacts

+(254) 720 55 09 49

6. Zero Four CLub

Zero Four Club is one of the best clubs is Mombasa. It has a Google rating of 4.2 stars.

The club is located right in the CBD along Moi Avenue, next to the Elephant horns

One of the best features about Zero Four Club is that it has a VIP Section.

This sections comes with additional amenities such as private bars, exclusive restroom facilities, and dedicated VIP hosts or waitstaff.

Asides from the VIP section, Zero Four Club is also a good spot to party because of its sporting experience. The club has very big screens for watching sports!

Zero Four Club Contacts

+(254) 799 04 04 04

7. Klub Savannah

Klub Savannah is a very safe and secure club that is located along Koinange Road in Mombasa.

The club also has excellent waiters. The services they offer are unparralled.

When it comes to chicken and mbuzi (goat), Klub Savannah has one of the best barbecue specialists.

In general Klub Savannah is best known for Nyama Choma.

If you are craving for well sweet roasted meat, you should definitely try this joint.

Klub Savannah Contacts

+(2540 719 79 55 66

8. Club Mio

Club Mio is an outdoor club located in Bamburi. The service at this joint is fast and reliable. The food is served hot and the drinks are available in cold and hot forms.

Club Mio is very busy and active on Thursdays when Rhumba music is the order of the day.

On average the night club can hold up 2,000 guests. Amazing right?

Club Mio Contacts

9. Anuba Lounge

Anuba Lounge is a dine-in, takeaway and delivery club located in Nyali Center.

The club as a Google rating of 4.3 stars after more than 2,000 Google Reviews.

One of the best things about Anuba Lounge is its consistency. The club has stood the test of time, it is one of the oldest but still one of the most toured and preffered partying joints in Mombasa.

In general, Anuba Lounge is the real defintion of the Coastal Night Life!

Anuba Lounge Contacts

+(254) 707 54 70 54

10. Volume Club

When it comes to interior design, this is by far the bets club in Mombasa to enjoy a night out with your friends.

One of the best things about Volume Club is that the layout of the nightclub is designed to optimize the flow of people and ensure there is ample space for socializing, mingling, and enjoying the music.

The Club is based in Shanzu, on the way to Pride Inn Paradise.

Volume Club Contacts

+(254) 736 66 33 44

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