Top Ten Richest People in Kenya

Here is a list of the Top Ten Richest People in Kenya and their sources of wealth. All of these people are influential, famous and are dollar millionaires. Only two people are billionaires.

top ten richest people in kenya

If there is something I have learned about these wealthy people is that they have a good understanding of financial matters, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and take calculated risks.

Without further ado, let’s hop into the list. Here are the Top Ten Richest People in Kenya. The list is arranged in no particular order.

1. Mama Ngina Kenyatta

Mama Ngina Kenyatta is not only the richest woman in Kenya but she is also among the richest people in Africa.

Mama Ngina Kenyatta is Kenya’s former first lady. She is a widow to the former President of Kenya, His Excellency Jomo Kenyatta.

At the moment, Mama Ngina Kenyatta is estimated to have a have a networth of more than 1 billion dollars (158,000,000,000 Kenyan Shillings). Her wealth is distributed in different sectors such as banking, real estate, farming and hospitality.

According to the Standard, Mama Ngina Kenyatta has over 115,000 hectares of land including a 13,000 hectare ranch in Kiambu district, two tea plantations at Mang’u and Matu, and three sisal farms located near the Tanzanian border.

2. The Late Nicholas Biwott

Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono arap Biwott was a Kenyan Politician who served in the Moi Government. Asides from being a politician, he was also a business mogul. At the moment, all his properties are managed by his family.

Some of the properties owned by The Late Nicholas Biwott Family include; Barsirim Investment, Kipsinende Farm, Rono Ltd, HZ Group of Companies, Air Kenya Aviation Ltd, HZ Group of Companies, Israel, Air Kenya, and Lima Kenya. Recently, the Late Nicholas Biwott Family sold Yaya Centre which was valued at KES 3.5 Billion.

The Late Nicholas Biwott is believed to have a networth of more than 1 billion dollars (158,000,000,000 Kenyan Shillings). This amount of wealth easily makes him among the Top Ten Richest People in Kenya.

3. Bhimji Depar Shah

Bhimji Depar Shah is the founder of Bidco Africa. The multinational company runs in 17 countries in Southern Africa, Central Africa and East Africa. At the moment, the company is headquartered in Thika and has employed over 25,000 people.

As of 2024, Bhimji Depar Shah is estimated to be worth over 800 million dollars (126,400,000,000 Kenyan Shillings). This makes him among the Top Ten Richest People in Kenya. The 92 year old wealthy man is the father to Vimal Shah, the current CEO of BIDCO. Some of the most famous products sold by BIDCO include;

  • Elianto Oil
  • Kimbo Premium Oil Blend
  • Bahari Fry Cooking Oil
  • Golden Fry Cooking Oil
  • Soyagold Soybean Oil
  • Ufuta Cooking Oil

Point to Note: Bhimji Depar Shah also owns Bidco FC.

4. Manu Chandaria

Born in 1929, Manilal Premchand Chandaria is one of the richest people in Kenya.

According to estimates, Manu Chandaria is believed to be among the Top Ten Richest People in Kenya, he has a net worth of more than 300 millon dollars (47,400,000,000 Kenyan Shillings)

Manu Chandaria is the founder of Comcraft Group of Companies. The multinational company runs in more than 40 African countries. Some of the main products that are developed by this company include;

  • Toilex Poa
  • Velvex Disinfectant
  • Velvex Hand Sanitizer
  • Rosy Toilet Paper
  • Velvex Toilet Paper
  • Nice & Soft Toilet Paper
  • Nyati
  • Dawn Pekee

5. Uhuru Kenyatta

His Excellency, Former President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is among the richest people in Kenya. He has a combined networth or more than 600 million dollars (94,800,000,000 Kenyan Shillings)

H.E Uhuru Kenyatta’s wealth is diversified. He has invested in the banking, farming and real estate sector. According to Bizna Kenya, this wealthy gentleman has been associated with propeties such as;

  • NCBA Bank
  • Heritage Hotels
  • Great Rift Valley Lodge
  • Mara Explorer
  • Voyager camp and beach resort in Tsavo and Mombasa
  • Kipungani Explorer on Lamu Island
  • Green Lee Estate
  • Brookside Dairy Limited
  • Vast pieces of land in Nakuru, Kiambu, Rumuruti, Kasarani, Taita Taveta, and Endebes.

6. Sameer Naushad Merali

The Late Sameer Naushad Merali has a fortune of not less than 850 million dollars (134,300,000,000) Kenyan Shillings. His wealth is now managed by his family.

The Late Sameer Naushad Merali managed to accumulate alot of assets and resources when he founded Kencell (now Airtel) and Sameer Group.

Sameer group is a conglomerate of companies that deals with multiple sectors including; Automobile & Distribution, Energy & Power, Agribusiness, Construction, Finance, Property Development & Real Estates.

7. Chris Kirubi

The Late Chris Kirubi is arguably one of the most sucessful business men Kenya has ever had.

When he was alive, he owned a car collection worth 108 million Kenya shillings. The cars included a Mercedes-Benz Maybach S500, a Range Rover Vogue SE and a Bentley Continental GT.

According to Citizen Digital, The Late Chris Kirubi also has land that is valued at over 3 Billion Kenya Shillings in areas such as Loresho, Kwale, Muthaiga and Mtwapa.

At the moment, Chris Kirubi has a total networth of more than 300 million dollars (47,400,000,000 Kenyan Shillings). Upon his death, this fortune was divided among his family members.

Below is a list of properties that are owned by the Late Chris Kirubi.

  • Centum Investments
  • Haco
  • Nairobi Bottlers
  • Capital Media Group
  • International House
  • Major shareholder of Two Rivers Mall

8. Samuel Kamau Macharia

Popularly known as S.K, Samuel Kamau Macharia is the owner of Royal Media Services. The Murang’a born gentleman is estimated to have a networth of almost 200 millon dollars (31,600,000,000 Kenyan Shillings). He is arguably among the Top 10 Richest Poeple in Kenya

Some of the companies Royal Media Services commands include Citizen TV, Radio Citizen, Ramogi FM, Inooro FM, Musyi FM, Mulembe FM, Wimwaro FM, Chamgei FM, Vuuka FM, Bilitu FM.Muuga FM, Egesa FM, Bahari FM, Sulwe FM, and Hot 96.

9. James Mwangi

James Mwangi is an established accountant, career banker and Group Chief Executive Officer of Equity Group Holdings PLC. He and is wife are also the owners of the British American Insurance Company Limited.

James Mwangi is estimated to have a fortune of not less than 200 million dollars (31,600,000,000 Kenyan Shillings).

10. Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga is estimated to have a fortune of around 250 million dollars (39,500,000,000 Kenya Shillings). This vast amount of wealth makes him one of the Tp ten-richest people in Kenya.

Raila Odinga has diversified his businesses and incomes. He is associated with companies such as East African Spectre Limited, BE Energy and Pan African Petroleum Company.

Raila Odinga is also a politician. Currently, he is the opposition leader and the head of Azimio Political Party.

Special Mentions

Mzee Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi

His Excellency, The Late Mzee Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi (Former President of Kenya) is the richest man in Kenya. He left riches worth more than 3 billion dollars or 474,720,000,000 Kenya Shillings.

Today, his wealth has been divided among his family members. Some of the properties that were associated by this prosperous man include;

  • Standard Media Group
  • Sielei Properties Ltd
  • Chester House
  • Regent Management
  • Paradise Holdings
  • Sunshine National School
  • Gateway Properties and Courtyard Property Investment.
  • Kabarak Schools
  • Sacho High School
  • Sheraton Group (Sheraton Holding)
  • InterContinental Hotels
  • Safariland Club.
  • Regent Management
  • Siginon Global Logistics

The Late Mzee Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi also had shares in banks such as; Trans-National Bank, First American Bank,Giro Bankand Equatorial Bank.

Vimal Shah

Vimal Shah is considered to be the wealthiest man in Kenya alive. His networth is estimated to be over 2 billion dollars (316,480,000,000 Kenya Shillings) at the time of writing this post.

Vimal Shah is the CEO of Bidco Oil Refineries Africa and his father is Bhimji Depar Shah (a member of the top 10 richest people in Kenya)

Just like Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Vimal Shah is also a geneorus person. During the COVID-19 era, he spent more than 35 million Kenya Shillings in fighting the pandemic. Kudos to him!

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