Vipe Fun Park Ruiru

This article gives a review of Vipe Fun Park Ruiru. Also, it identifies all the fun activities that you can engage in at the amusement park and their charges.

vipe fun park ruiru

Last but not least, this article also lists down Vipe Fun Park Ruiru’s Menu.

Vipe Fun Park Location

Vipe Fun Park is located in Gwa Kairu in Ruiru off Thika Road, Exit 12 or 13 opposite Kenyatta University, Ruiru Campus. It is one of the best places to visit and have fun in Ruiru and Thika Road at large. According to Google Ratings, Vipe Fun Park has 4.1 Stars after more than 150 Google Reviews.

Vipe Fun Park Ruiru Activities

Below is a list of the Best Fun Activities you can engage in at Vipe Fun Park Ruiru. All the activities can be accessed at a charge of KES 1,000 (Games and Swimming) while games only can be accessed for KES 800. For school groups (minimum of 30 students) each child is required to pay KES 850 only.

1. View Animals

Vipe Fun Park is a good place to view animals such as Crocodiles, Tortoises, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Guinea Fowl, Chicken, Goat, and Sheep. In case you have never seen any of the above animals, Vipe Fun Park Ruiru should be on your bucketlist.

2. Ride the Merry Go Round

Merry Go Rounds are fun because they provide relaxation, exhilaration and allow one to escape from the worries and stresses of everyday life.

In case you want to take your child for a Merry Go Round swing or you want to relive your fond childhood memories of riding it, Vipe Fun Park is a good place to try it.

3. Ride a Train

Vipe Fun Park is a good place to take your children for a train ride. The train is very safe for children of all ages. On the downside, the trains are only limited for children as the cabins are very small for adults to fit it.

4. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular activities in Vipe Fun Park. The amusement park has an adults and kids swimming pool. There is also an extra inflatable pool with slides which enhance the swimming experience. The charges for swimming are separate. Each person is required to pay KES 200 before dipping into the pool.

5. Trampoline

Vipe Fun Park is an place to take your children to play trampoline. Many children like playing on a trampoline because it allows them to bounce and perform acrobatic movements such as flips, twists, and somersaults. The sensation of bouncing up and down on a trampoline is inherently enjoyable.

6. Teambuilding

Vipe Fun Park is also a good place for adults to engage in teambuilding. For only KES 1,800 per adult, the teambuilding participants get a chance to engage in several team building activities, a 10:00 am clock tea with a snack, a lunch buffet and a 4:00 pm tea with a snack.

The lunch buffet consists of chicken, beef stew, 3 starches of your choice, vegetables, fruit cut, soda and water. The KES 1,800 also covers for the swimming charges. Any other game included is charged at KES 200.

7. Mountain Climbing

Moutain Climbing is another popular activity in Vipe Fun Park. This game involves climbing over a structure that is very tall and resembles a mountain.

The fun in this game comes in when kids start to compete on who will climax or reach at the peak of the mountain structure first. Asides from competing, mountain climbing is also a good game because it enables children to

8. Enjoy a Show

Every now and then Vipe Fun Park organizes shows to entertain kids. Sometimes they feature dancers and acrobatic persons. In case you are in the mood to dance you can also join your kid (s) in the dancing or even try some of the acrobatic moves. The shows are normally performed on Sundays and during the public holidays

Point to Note: The shows are free to watch

9. Jump at the Bouncing Castle

Vipe Fun Park has a very big bouncing castle that can accomodate several children at once. The ‘Frozen Animation Movie’ themed bouncing castle also has slides on one end. In case the trampoline is full, you can take your child to jump and perform some acrobatic moves at the bouncing castle.

10. Enjoy Swings

Never have I ever seen an amusement park in Eastlands with a variety of swings like Vipe Fun Park. If by any chance you want your child to experience all these types of swings including the big swing, you should consider visiting this hidden gem!

Why Vipe Fun Park is Amazing!

One of the best things about Vipe Fun Park is that it offers free grounds for events such as Birthdays. Once given the chance to host your birthday at this venue, you can decorate it with your own favorite colour themes, and backdrop of your choice.

Another reason why Vipe Fun Park is amazing is because they offer Chips, Soda and Sausage for free to all school groups.

Point to Note: Vipe Fun Park is a Non-alcoholic place!

Vipe Fun Park Menu

Soft Drinks

Soft DrinksCharges
Fresh JuiceKES 200
Afia JuiceKES 150
Small SodaKES 100
2 Litres SodaKES 400
DelmonteKES 400
Minute MaidKES 250
500 ML WaterKES 50
1.5 Litres WaterKES 150
Take Away SodaKES 150

Hot Drinks

Hot DrinksCharges
Tea PotKES 100
Coffee PotKES 100
Chocolate PotKES 100
Glass of MilkKES 400
Lemon TeaKES 150
Ginger TeaKES 150
DawaKES 200


NdumaKES 100
Sweet Potatoes  KES 100
SausageKES 80
Cup CakeKES 40
2 Fried EggsKES 100
2 Fried Special EggsKES 150
Beef SamosaKES 80


Vipe Family PlatterKES 2,200
ChipsKES 200
Chips MasalaKES 220
Potato WedgesKES 250
Ugali PlainKES 100
Vegetable RiceKES 150
PilauKES 180
ChapatiKES 100
MukimoKES 200
Roast PotatoesKES 220


Full Chicken BroilerKES 1,200
Beef Stew+Ugali/Chips/Rice GreensKES 500
¼ Kg ChickenKES 300
½ ChickenKES 600
Full Kienyeji ChickenKES 1,600
¼ Kg Mbuzi ChomaKES 250
½ Kg MbuziKES 500
Vegetable RiceKES 150
PilauKES 180
ChapatiKES 100
MukimoKES 200
Roast PotatoesKES 220


Spinach/SukumaKES 100
CabbageKES 100
KachumbariKES 100


Vipe Family PlatterCharges
Full Kienyeji Chicken with Chips, Arrow Roots, Boiled Corn and 3 EggsKES 2,200
Kienyeji Chicken PlatterCharges
Full Kienyeji Chicken with 4 accompaniments of either (Ugali, Mukimo, Chips, and Roast Potato) Fruit Cut and 2 Litres of SodaKES 2,400
Broiler Chicken PlatterCharges
Broiler Chicken with 4 accompaniments of either (Ugali, Mukimo, Chips, and Roast Potato) Fruit Cut and 2 Litres of SodaKES 2,000

Family Mbuzi ChomaCharges
1 KG Mbuzi Choma with 2 accompaniments of either (Ugali, Mukimo, Chips, and Roast Potato), Fruit Cut and 2 Litres of SodaKES 1,900
Vipe MixCharges
1 KG Mbuzi Wet Fry mixed with 2 Chips, Fruit Cut and 2 Litres of SodaKES 1,800
Chemsha with Potatoes and UgaliKES 1,500

Vipe Fun Park Operating Hours

Vipe Fun Park is open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Vipe Fun Park Phone Numbers

+(254) 723 82 18 33

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