Zaina Falls in Nyeri Entrance Fee and Location

This blog post lays down the Entrance Fees to Zaina Falls.

zaina falls in nyeri entrance fee and location

zaina falls in nyeri

Also it identifies the location of the falls and the activities to engage in while there.

Zaina Falls Location

Zaina Falls is located in Nyeri County, 31/2 hours from the Central Business of Nairobi and 10 Kilometres West of Nyeri Town.

The Falls are located at the foot of the Aberdare Ranges in Zaina Forest along Zaina River.

Zaina River is one of the major tributaries of River Chania

Zaina Falls Direction from Nyeri Town

Public Means

In case you are using public means, there are two routes you can use to arrive at Zaina Falls.

Route 1

  1. Board a Matatu or Bus Headed to Ihururu
  2. Upon arriving at Ihururu, Alight the Matatu or Bus
  3. Once you have alighted, Board a Motorcycle (Boda Boda) and ask the Rider to drop you to the Zaina Entrance Gate.

Route 2

  1. Board a Matatu or Bus Headed to Kinunga Town (The Stage can be found next to Green Oak Hotel)
  2. Along the way, ask the conductor to drop you at Chania Village
  3. From Chania Village, you have to trek all the way to the Entrance Gate

On average, it takes around 30-45 minutes using both routes.

Point to Note: Having visited the site using both routes, I would highly advise you to use the first route because it offers more scenic views such as Mount Kenya from afar, Beautiful Tea Plantations and Breathtaking Landscapes.

Below is a table showing the Entrance Fee or Entry Fee to Zaina Falls Nyeri

CategoryEntrance Fee
Citizen ChildrenKES 232
Citizen AdultsKES 58
Resident ChildrenKES 232
Resident AdultsKES 58
Non-Resident AdultsKES 696
Guided Tours/Ranger ServicesKES 1,000

The fees for Non-Resident Children has not been set up yet!

If you are a non-resident, grab this opportunity and take your children to visit the hidden gem in Nyeri for free.

Activities to do at Zaina Falls

Below are 5 of the best activities you can do at Zaina Falls

  1. Hiking Zaina Falls: Once you have paid the entrance fees, the next step is to trek and hike to the waterfalls. The hike takes 2-3 hours and it is very easy for beginnner hikers.
  2. Swimming at the Pool below Zaina Falls
  3. Take Pictures: Zaina Falls offers a perfect background to capture moments, and create memories by taking pictures. The combination of flowing water, lush vegetation, and rocky landscapes creates a picturesque scene that appeals to the human eye.
  4. Enjoy a Picnic by the banks of River Zaina
  5. Admire the Scenery as you Relax and Meditate

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zaina Falls

In general, visiting Zaina waterfall can be a rewarding and enriching experience for a variety of reasons.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider visiting this waterfall:

1. Natural Beauty: Zaina Falls is a stunning natural wonder. The sight of Zania River cascading down rocky formations surrounded by lush greenery is awe-inspiring and provides a sense of connection to the natural world.

2. Relaxation and Serenity: The sound of Zania River flowing and the tranquil atmosphere near Zania Falls has a calming and meditative effect. Spending time in this environment can help reduce stress, promote relaxation and boosts one’s mood.

3. Outdoor Recreation: Visiting Zania Falls provides one with the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, picnicking, swimming, and more.

4. Photography and Creativity: Zania Falls is a fantastic place to take photographs. The surrounding landscapes create excellent opportunities for capturing beautiful and unique images.

5. Connection with Nature: Zania Falls is located in Zania Forest. Visiting these falls gives you an opportunity to interact with nature and friendly wild-animals found in the forest.

6. Exploration and Adventure: Zania Falls is a hidden gem in Nyeri. Very few people including those living in Nyeri know its exists. Exploring this hidden gem can be incredibly rewarding.

7. Physical and Mental Health: Zania Falls is located deep in Zania Forest. This means that visitors have to trek and hike all the way to the falls from the Entrance gate. By hiking to the waterfall, visitors engage hysical activity and this promotes their cardiovascular health and overall well-being. The natural environment around Zania Falls is also good for mental health because it reduces anxiety and improves mood.

8. Family and Group Outings: Visiting Zania Falls is a great activity for families and groups. It provides a shared experience and a chance to bond while enjoying nature together.

9. Inspiration and Reflection: Waterfalls have inspired artists, writers, and thinkers for centuries. In case you practise either or all of these forms of art, Zania Falls is a good place to visit for inspiration.

10. Appreciation for Earth’s Beauty: Zania Falls reminds one of the diversity and beauty of Kenya. It is a beautiful, relaxing and remarkable place to visit

Zaina Falls Location

📍➤ Nyeri County, 10 Kilometres West of Nyeri Town in Zaina Forest along Zaina River.

Zaina Falls Contacts

📞 +(254) 719 73 84 82

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